Predico Plans

We discover what you need to achieve the life you’ve earned.

Our Approach

Our clients want to make the most of what they have. But beyond having that one common goal, each of our clients is as unique as the thumbprint that marks the Predico brand.

Just like you, there is no standard method for how clients earn their living nor is there a cookie cutter method for how they spend it.

We’re here to help you make sure you’re financially equipped for the life you want, today and tomorrow. We partner with you to conduct a comprehensive review of your financial life and to help you identify your future life goals. We take the time to understand what matters about your business and what you want for you and your family.

We ask questions and listen — about your plans, your assets, your business, and even your family life. There are no right answers, only your answers. Working with you, we develop a clear, personalized strategy, your Predico Plan.

Predico Plans are not collections of the financial products you need. They are roadmaps that guide you to the life you want.

Fee Only

We stand out as one of the few firms that charge on a fee-only basis. We do not charge clients fees and commissions from financial products. The only payment we receive comes from our clients – not from any other third party.

We are always on your side and offer 100 percent objectivity, without any incentive to simply sell you another product. This also ensures that we are top of mind for you as your day to day life changes.

Our partnership with you means we’re a phone call away at any time, whether it is for a second opinion on a large purchase or for questions about what the latest news means to you and your investment portfolio.


Can you answer these questions?

  • How will I pay for my children’s upcoming college education?
  • If my parents become dependent on me in their later years, how much can I afford to help them financially to ensure it does not ruin my chances of retiring someday?
  • How much do I need to take out of my businesses in cash flow or in the sale of my business to ensure I can maintain my desired lifestyle for the rest of my life?
  • What would happen if I were to die or to become disabled, and where would the money come from to ensure that my family did not have to change their lifestyle due to an unexpected event?
  • If an unexpected event occurred, is there someone who would partner with my spouse to make critical financial decisions that previously fell on the me over all the years?

Predico clients know their answers to these questions.